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Practitioner of critical geography, environmentalism, compassion, feminism, anti-racism, dissent, values-practice alignment, mindfulness, 

community development and empowerment.


Associate Professor of Geography

Co-Chair of Sustainability Committee

SES & FC United Advisor

Fullerton College

Aline is an assistant professor of geography at Fullerton College. She earned her Liberal Studies degree from Fullerton College and Bachelor's and Master's Degree in geography from Cal State Fullerton. What attracted her into this discipline, and continues to motivate her studies today, is how relevant it is in the contemporary world. In her classes, she exposes students to core geographical principles and analysis and introduces them to a critical geography framework that expose patterns of inequality and exploitation. She aims to spread geographical knowledge that challenges social and environmental injustices. Born and raised in Brazil, Aline brings a perspective of the developing world to her classroom. 


Aline advises SES (Students for Equitable Sustainability) and FC United (advocacy and empowerment of undocumented students) and is the co-founder and co-chair of the Sustainability Committee. She lives in Fullerton with her husband and little girl and enjoys the outdoors with them whenever school is out. 


Photos: Serra do Mar State Park, São Paulo, Brazil. Research sites.


Tropical Rainforest Conservation

2011. Master's Thesis: "The Grey Areas of Green: Insights into Life and Conservation in Vila Picinguaba, Serra do Mar State Park, Brazil.


Winner of the Giles T. Brown Outstanding Thesis Award, CSUF. 

Winner of the Tom McKnight Professional Paper Award at the California Geographical Society’s 64th annual meeting.

Sustainability & Cultural Change

2015. "The Green Experiment: Planting the Seed of Sustainability through Cultural Change"


Research presentations:

CHESC 2016

CSUF All Points of the Compass 2018


Political Ecology, Ethnobotany, Ethnoecology, Urban Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Environmental Justice, Geography Education, Environmental Philosophy, Sustainability In Higher Education, Migration, and Human Rights.



April 22, 2020

"A group of local professors and thinkers participated in a webinar conversation called “Re-Imagining Our World: A Webinar Conversation on the Lessons of COVID-19 and Visions for a Brighter Future” on April 22, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The panelists included geography professors Aline Gregorio and Ruben Lopez, ethnic studies professor Dr. Amber Gonzalez, anthropologist Moises Placencia, CSUF student Audrey Wright, and climate justice organizer Jose Trinidad Castaneda. “Fifty years ago, thousands of people gathered to dare to dream and to dare to envision a brighter future, and here we are 50 years later doing the same imagining and daring to envision a brighter future for 50 years from now,” Gregorio said..."

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