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Geography noun: ge·og·ra·phy  \jē-ˈä-grə-fē\ * latin prefix: geo, “earth”; graphia, “describe”

is the holistic study of the Earth’s surface and the interrelationships of its human and physical features. Geographers use a spatial perspective, looking at how things relate throughout space to make unique places across the globe. 

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Take a geography class!

what is geo-literacy?                                              

Geography education in the U.S.

February, 2018 - AAG, President's Column

"Time for Radical Geographic Literacy in Trump America" A letter by the president of American Association of Geographers (AAG) makes the case for the need of deeper geographical learning in geography classrooms in an era when the US President continues disparage peoples from the developing world.

July, 2017 - NY Times

"If Americans Can Find North Korea on a Map, They're More Likely to Prefer Diplomacy" When asked in April which policies the United States should pursue regarding North Korea, Americans diverged on their views depending in part on whether they knew where it was.

January, 2017 - HuffPost 

"Geographic Illiteracy and the Rise of Trump" A powerful essay of an AP Human Geography teacher on the importance of the lessons learned in a single year of geographical inquiry. 

August, 2012 - Oxford University Press 

"Why Geography Matters: More Than Ever" De Blij warns that Americans neglect geographic knowledge at their own peril. It is not geography's technical insights so much as its more general body of knowledge about territorial space, distance, and mental maps that make it so vital. For de Blij, geographic literacy is an essential element of America's global political literacy -- and its national security. This second edition contains recent developments and more 'how to' than the first.

Why does geo-literacy matter?                                              

The following resources are useful in understanding the state of geography education in the US:


2010 - Nat Geo: US Dept of Education Geography Report Card

Geography education in fundamental education

Out of the nine areas listed as core academic subjects in federal legislation, geography is the only one that has not received any federal funding. Currently, less than half high school graduates take a geography course. See data in the informational sheet.

September, 2016 - Council on Foreign Relations & Nat Geo

"What College-Aged Students Know About the World." The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and National Geographic commissioned a survey to gauge what young people educated in American colleges and universities know about geography, the environment, demographics, U.S. foreign policy, recent international events, and economics

classroom ready resources

California Geographical Alliance

The California Geographic Alliance (CGA) has worked to advocate for and support high quality geography education and geographic literacy. Checkout their resources page and newly published 'Geo-Quest' features.

ESRI Story Maps; ESRI Higher Ed ESRI hosts and ever growing gallery of Story Maps that are ready to use in the classroom. Furthermore, their free online courses, accessible mobile GIS software, help instructors and students to easily learn and use GIS to analyze geographical phenomenon.

National Geographic National Geographic is a long standing leader in communicating geographical knowledge in a stimulating manner. Most recently, their production of digital and interactive article formats are attractive to digital and visual learners. An interactive mapper is also available along with many K-12 resources. 

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